St. Beaufort


St. Beaufort is an international folk and bluegrass trio from Canada, Germany and the USA. It was founded as Hungerhoff & The Wild Roots in 2012. Based on guitar, mandolin, banjo, accordion and layers of colorful vocal harmonies, the band is raw acoustics and forges a bridge between the American folk and bluegrass tradition and contemporary songwriting. Whenever possible the band plays unplugged, stripped to their acoustics, delivering powerful live performances in memory of a time when music was more intimate.

Touring behind their 2013 first EP, the band cut through Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic on the Weeping Love Grass Grows Tour. Taking up the momentum the band has performed at several summer festivals and concerts in Denmark, England, Germany, Switzerland and in the UK in 2014, playing more than a hundred shows in two years. In the end of 2014 the band recorded their debut album in an old manor house in the Northern countryside. This work titled St. Beaufort is released in April 2015.