She Knows


She Knows came to life in 2014 after their debut concert in the garden of Berlin club about:blank, only 3 months after its members met each other for the first time.

Anand Thadani (guitars and vocals), Marcel Dadalto (drum machine and synths), Kilian Frank (bass and lyrics) and Teresa Tomás (vocals and keys), four people with diferent cultural backgrounds condensed into an electronic sound with a nostalgic reference to the better bits of the 90ies.

On June 23th 2014 She Knows released their first official video of the single Sonic Chameleon, from their forthcoming EP. The video footage is about the way in which memories are assembled, the bond of what really happened with what we would have wanted to happen; the capricious way in which our brain stores images while distorting others, unveiling them from oblivion. Made by Valencian video artist Laura Cuello.