Oberst & Buchner


Andreas Buchner & Sebastian Oberst have been a part of each others lives for some time; their history stretching all the way back to their hometown in Bavaria, where they experimented with guitars and
different genres and even formed their own band for a period of time.
It wasn’t long however, until they realised their shared love of electronic music was too strong to ignore, daring them to venture on a new path as artists. This would soon lead them to begin crafting their first DJ sets as individuals, bringing their own brand of emotional, melodic and melancholy beats to the stage in a whole new way. Study may have taken them both from Bavaria to Vienna, but the town soon became home for them musically as well, with its pulsing nightlife and community feel driving them to pursue their artist dreams further. Their DJ sets quickly catapulted their fan base up and 2010 saw them unify under the Oberst & Buchner umbrella, where they began shifting their focus to the live space. A couple of years later, they became firm fixtures in the Schoenbrunner Perlen crew, with 2 successful releases with the Vienna label in 2012 and 2014, both to critical acclaim and support from the likes of Rampue, Ken Hayakawa, Matthias Meyer and Max Cooper, just to name a few. Their track ‘Doves’ and corresponding remixes, saw the release rise up the Beatport charts to #3 and #1 on the Juno charts.
There’s no sign of slowing down for this talented pair, and with shows at clubs such as Ritter Butzke
(Berlin), Pratersauna (Vienna), Grelle Forelle (Vienna) to date, the future is looking very bright indeed. To top of their incredible successes to date, Andreas and Sebastian have earmarked 2015 to work together on what will be their debut artist album, as well as new live shows to coincide with an EU tour.