“Ambrotype” stems from ancient Greek and means as much as “immortal impression”. Immortality is probably also the best way to describe Ambrotype`s fascination for electronic music. It started way back in the 90s with his deep love for Hip Hop culture and continued throughout the new millennium with his utmost enthusiasm for Happy Breakz, Jungle and Drum`n´Bass. Having grown up in the Rhine-Main area, this certainly was the right place to lay the cornerstone for his upcoming career as an artist. Back in 2006, he then started playing House music with all its subgenres. Nonetheless, his influence of UK-related sounds never got astray. But after all, no matter which kind of music he was playing in the end, it was always connected with electronics, samplers, subculture and metropolises. This consequently lead him to move to Berlin, the so-called “New York of Europe”, in 2010. From that moment on, his career as a DJ was steadily growing. Having already played at almost every important venue in the capital, Ambrotype certainly is a name to look out for. The key phrase to remember is: it`s all about music!