A Soul Fairy



She may be lazily strolling between the trees; gaze at the lake or chase butterflies.
Her name is Soul Fairy.
When you spot her ephemeral wings between the brunches or flowers, follow the shadows for as long as you catch her!
Never bother with a small talk.
She would immediately get bored and fall asleep on a poppy’s petal, or even worse, she may go mad and turn you into a pink frog.
Fairies live short lives. They have no time for courtesy bla bla bla.
They also love silence so they do not need to kill it with weather issues.
Tell her what is really important for you, what makes you smile in the morning or do not let you sleep at night; why do you sometimes cry or bay at the moon?
Tell her your lucid dreams, nightmares, worries, fantasies, phobias, dilemmas, paranoias…
She will stop chasing butterflies for you.
She will listen.
She will think for a moment and reply with just one metaphor, a fairy tale, an oriental story or a funny riddle.
Tales of the fairy are tailor-made potions of love, sense and magic. Never accidental. Always powerful and meaningful.

You wonder what a heck can a fairy know about human condition?
Soul Fairy spends a lot of her time living undercover in Berlin. She has created a persona of a psychotherapist Hania Hakiel to spread her magic potions of transformational metaphors outside the magic forest. You know that city people don’t believe in soul and it’s fairies. They believe in psyche and it’s therapists. So good that there is the Wilde Moehre forest where fairies can be fairies.